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Hudson River Apiary Society

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Promoting the Critical Need to Preserve Honey Bees

We offer free presentations to all groups and ages.  Our mission includes apiary set up and long term management consultation, integrating Apiculture science and customizing social enterprise business models into school curriculum, job training, mentoring, and more.  

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Hudson River Apiary Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization set up to educate and support all groups on mankind’s responsibility to maintain and sustain honeybee population. We are organized and established as a strong environmental action group focused on preservation of honey bees.

We welcome all partnerships and donors able to work on ecologically sound projects.

Please contact us with any questions and interest to coordinate a regional objective.

Our team is made up of people who volunteer from an hour to several days.​


Frank Gargiulo - Superintendent (retired), Hudson County Schools of Technology

Robert Quinlan - Real Estate Developer

Dr. Arun Srivastava - Apiculture and Science Teacher, High Tech High School, Hudson County Schools of Technology

Dr. Maurizio Miglietta - MD

Gerald Sanzari - Executive Director of North Bergen Public Housing

Amanda Neishawat - Environmental Director for Town of Secaucus

Somrutai Jaizue Quinlan - ESL, Spec Ed teacher 

James Laws - President of Operations

Antonio Quinlan - Executive Director, Beekeeper

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Join Us!

We recognize our volunteers:

Eleanor Woodruff          Gabriel Goya

Isabella Laws          Ivonne Ovalles

Sean Fuehrer          Andrew Tran

Addrenia Moore          Al Guerriero

Daniel (Secaucus)          Madison Fearon

Art Schwarz          Odo...

Robert Mazzola          Amy Buck

Peter McIntosh          Kasumi Quinlan

David Ephrain          Zhilin Cheng

Ken Behr          Priamo Espaillat

Joseph Killeen          Michael Borghi

Hudson River Apiary Society

100 78th Street North Bergen, NJ 07047


[email protected]